Check this growroom out

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holy shit thats an operation that must have took along time to put together, to bad they got cought
Did it mention how they were busted? The guy took so much time and effort to keep it stealthy. I bet some ratted him out...
It did not mention how they were busted. It just says that it was a 5 year investigation.
I told you it was unbelievable. I wish I had trap door from my house like that.
It reminds me of "Hogan's Heroes".
The hydraulic doors are quite amazing too.
The grow-op was a damn fine one. I would never have the balls to attempt something like that. Just a small, self-sustaining grow is all I need. :)

I know, those hydraulic doors reminded me of a bank-vault.
There are all sorts of caves down south. For a hobby I like to go caving. I have been in quite a few small caves down south (not in Tennessee) they are quite interesting.
What is interesting is that they built a house near the cave entrance to do something like that. Amazing!

As a matter of fact, my handle here (Ogof) translates from the Welsh (Wales) language to the word cave.

Happy Trails folks...
you got that right heinous anus..that was an incredible room though, but man that's some balls to wall right there..the pablo escobar of
holy crap dude,wow,they had to ,have got caugh by there electric bill
With that kind of money invested I am sure they had diesel generators or they were stealing electric.
which is how they got caught .stealing hydro electricity,but it could have been anything ,who knows

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