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Sep 10, 2008
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okay im about to get my clones for my outdoor grow this year and ive never grown from clones... i was wondering if i should start watering them wit jus water for a couple weeks before i put my veg nutes in.. and also if i need root horomones or anything ty in advanced...
I like to feed my clones Super Thrive for a rooting hormone and as far as nutrients I always go by what the plant is telling me. If it looks hungry I feed it starting with a less than recommended dose and then increasing with each feeding. I think clones are usually ready for a feeding after putting all of that work into growing a root system.
If you are using good soil, the soil should have enough nutrients in it for a few weeks at least. I do it that way.

You might want to ask the "clone guy" what they are using, nutes or no nutes when you pick them up.

I use some vitamin B12 stuff when I transplant, same idea as the Super Thrive.
When you get clones from a club are they rooted?

If they are they are just baby plants treat them as such.
Since autos cannot be cloned, this should not be a problem if you are buying clones.

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