Day 59 Flowering

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Fat Farmer
Dec 29, 2009
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Finally broke out the good camera and took a few quick shots of a few of my girls. The purple one is a Lemon Kush, the one with large cola is the smallest of 3 White Widow, the short but stout one is by far the smallest of 4 Blue Cheese, and the other is the smallest of the Blue Dream. Didn't have time to pull the big girls from the back of the room tonight but this is still a pretty good representation. All are grown from clones I got at a Central Cali dispensary and were vegged for one week and flowered at 6" to 8". The Blues pictured were maybe 6" when I flipped them and the cheese was growing sideways. I'm sure they're not perfect but I'm also sure I will enjoy them immensely.





VERY nice!!! the first pic is a great one. very mouth watering
They look delicious, nice job.
Those look sooo sweet Kiks; gotta love the WW cones, covered with sugar crystals:D :hubba: :D
Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to get some more shots for some scale. That Kush is probably the best looking plant I've grown in my short growing career. Too bad I only had 1. It is all tied up to keep the nugs topside to the lights. The cola on white widow pictured is easily 15" long and so heavy the whole plant was leaning and it is the smallest of 3. The third pic is a blue dream, those nugs are tennis ball sized and feel like if I cut them off and threw them at a wall they would stick! Also the smallest of 3.
HAHA I'm so stoked!
great looking plants, I've only smoked some Lemon Haze once really liked it. Thanks for shareing.

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