Does ne body kno? Part 2

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Sep 14, 2005
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Does nebody kno were to or how to get super soil. Supposedly it's from California and i'm in Fl. Is it really as good as it's supposed to be, or is there someother soil somebody can help me with.
I'm sure it could be ordered and shipped via the "www", but I'm also certain that there is a satisfactory product available in your area.
Fox Farms products are widely praised and distibuted. I use Black Gold brand, but any quality organic soil mix is sufficient.
Go to a garden center and buy potting soil that has organic amendments like worm castings.
Avoid potting soil that contain chem. nutrients.
Nowadays most quality potting soil also comes with perlite, an inert material that prevents soil compacting. You may want to add a little more (you can buy perlite seperately).
You should be able to find a bag of "Pro-Mix" in your area. That's the best their is in my opinion.
Thanks again. SHould u get the potting soil w/ nutrients and w/out chemicles or wat?

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