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Apr 6, 2009
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I recently moved my plants to the basement of my house and they've been there at least a month. They are 3 weeks into flower and doing well. However, the humidity level is much too high and I can't afford a dehumidifier right now. Can I move my plants back upstairs without destroying the plants and yield? Will it shock them leaving an environment they're used to?
Seems like high humidity and buds don't mix well, so moving might be a better option? I have no real knowledge of this though and am only giving MHO, someone that can help should come along soon!
It does if it's an extream change. Alot of people bring plants home from a greenhouse they purchased them from and wonder why the plants go bad all of a sudden. If the environment you move to is a better condition for the plant the plant will actually perform better after the change.
IMO if it just a change in humidity levels there should be no problem. It's light and temperature fluxuations that cause most problems.
Thanks alot guys. I think humidity will be the only problem so I'll move them out of the basement until I can get a dehumidifier.

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