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Jan 23, 2006
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Germination started 12/1/05
Using cheap compact florecents since I am broke
Can't check ph cause I am borke and don't have a meter
Just transplanted into a bigger pot last night 1/23/06
Looked like a mag def so I added epsom today 1/24/06
God I need some help






1. It looks like the florous are probably a little too close. That one pic looks like it tangled with the florou and lost.

2. How much Epsom salts? Only 1 tsp per gallon.

3. Using Tap water? Excess Calcium can cause a Mg lockout.

What fertilizer are you using? How often are you watering?
I flushed last night before I transplanted. Miricale Grow. Yea I know. I try keeping the floros at least 2 inches away. I used the 1 tsp per gal ratio on the epsom today. Yea I am using tap. The plant was looking great till about three days ago. I think I over fertilized. This is Early Misty. Oh I hope I get it right.
Is there a way to reduce the calcium if I use tap? If I need to I could use bottled water.
I would water with straight bottled water and get some PH tests strips at wal-mart for 7 bucks ASAP. If Your PH is out of range you need to get it checked. If you PH was out and you added Epsum salts that could have done more harm than good. Without knowing the PH it is a lot harder to determine the problem (pretty much shootin in the dark).

A PH problem can cause a nutrient problem. If PH is not right then the plant cannot absorb nutrients.
All in all they dont look that bad. I think you have mutipall over dosess from your grow jusice. make shere you flush really good. Why cant' you speorate the plant?
Thanks for the encouraging words smokey. I don't think they are right on the verge of dying but I am still concerned. The plant looked great up until a few days back when I think I got carried away with the fert. I think I see an improvement already after adding the mag yesterday. Sorry if I sound stupid but I am not sure how to answer your question. I don't know what you mean by speorate (separate?). I started out with three early misty seeds and this is the only one that made it. The other two just never really got started. So, I'm praying this ones a female. I plan on picking up a ph meter on Friday when I get paid. I will update when I get some more information.
I would get different fert too. I would get a bloom fert. cause lookin at your dates, flower is right around the corner. Pretty much won't be using much nitrogen for the remainder of the grow.
Yeah lookin at the pics I have seen a lot worse make it just fine. Just get the PH under control and you will be good to go. Mircale grow sucks ass unfortunatley. It'll fry an egg.
gangle, i would not flush with epsom salt you might just have fert burn bad . if it were me i would mist the leaves out of the light every day with the epsom salt then flush with distilled water . better yet if you can find some fiji water the ph is already 7.5 . also to add is your soil already have nutes in it ? some soils have enough nutes in it to last for 9 months now and if your fertilizing it your adding straw to the fire already. resulting in nute lock out . it pretty much what everyone else is trying to tell you just trying to make lil simpler.
Ouch I got it turned around and it looked awsome.. then.... went to 12/12 and ITS A BOY :(

Gonna try again. Got 2 out of 3 early misty to germ

What am I gonna do with that male? Can I smoke it?
cook her down and make some butter dude.

Male has nothing to do with your green thumb, now hermies are a different story hahahahaha. Looks like a very well taken care of plant dude. You'll have a girl soon. Hang in there dude.
yea I have also been pickin off that one a little since I figured out it is a male. Thats why it looks skimpy on the top.
At the risk of sounding stupid I will still ask.
How do ya make butter?
Oh yeah, A good question now. hahaha.

I use the quick Cannabutter recipe
1 lb of butter (real butter)​
1 oz of Marijuana


Melt the butter in a sauce pan to boiling.
Add the marijuana and let boil until the butter
has turned green from the marijuana.
Pour butter through a strainer to remove all
the pieces of marijuana.
Chill until solid.

Use it in substitute of anything that calls for butter/oil (cookies and brownies are great)

It has to be real butter, THC is fat/alcohol soluble. Don't expect a lot but better than wasting the efforts of growing the male.

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