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Apr 4, 2005
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April 1

· Germinated seeds

April 2 & 3

· Seeds sprouted and planted

April 4

· First seeds broke surface of dirt
Final seed “15” sprouted and planted

Today 5 seeds broke the surface, 1 spun his roots in a circle and is having a hard time, the root is now heading towards the light with the seed. I will keep an eye on that and am sure it will start to go back in the dirt soon but I wonder how it will do in the long run.

The rest should come up in a day or so.
Try to push some loose dirt close to the root end of that seedling, and keep it moist - it will go looking for water...:)
dig it up and put it like it must be done ;)

put the light directly above the sprout it should make the plant grow towards the light
or follow one of the above
:) LOL - well, if he`s not confused by now he never will be - lol :)
lol, yeah I get it guys :)

It was fixed when I wrote about it the first time, just a journal of sorts. ;)

I checked on it a 1/2 hour ago, the root is heading south.
Those little boogers have a strong instinct to get to the right place.

Keep us posted! Thanks.
April 5

5 more seeds have broke the surface a total of 10 plants so far out of 15

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