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Hey I know that name.... welcome.
How'd the book tour go?
Check this out. hXXp://
Change the XX to tt.
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Hippychick: I think those are cool. I've seen them before, but only got as far as finding out how to cut the bottles (etch with glass cutter, then use heat expansion to cut). The book tour was a fun excuse to meet a lot of nice folks in the hydro shops.
@Rosebud: Thanks

@HippyChick: LOL for recognizing the name. Do you know me through Facebook or mojavemomma? I'm still at that level of celebrity writer where I pretty much know all my fans by name (or at least nickname), and we could all meet at a donut shop without taking up too many tables.
MM and I are tight. She's my gal. I don't do facebook. But if I ever had to track her down, that's where I'd start. lol.
MM is great people. Followed her trail, so blame her for my showing up here.
Awwww, Grubs, so good to see you here. I'm glad you followed my breadcrumb trail to MP! These are "my folk." Got me started, helped me through all my first trials and tribulations. Wouldn't let me give up. MP always feels like "home" to me.

I'm so happy to see you here! I really have been having fun with trying the passive hydro from your booklet. Hydro anything always sent me running from the room--too technical for me. But you wrote for people like me to understand, and now I'm just having a blast. Here's a picture of a mint I rooted doing the passive hydro with perlite. I can't believe I'm getting it to work so well here in the desert. Oh, and here's a picture of one of my Grubbycup Stash plants, just started flowering yesterday.

You're gonna love the folks here.



For friends of MM's "Hey all" is just a woefully pedestrian (pun intended), so let me introduce myself properly:

My name is Grubbycup Stash de la Mancha, I am the Green Knight, and grass grows where I walk.

It is a privilege and an honor to make your acquaintance.

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