harvest / cure timing autoflowers

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May 30, 2011
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I waited till plants in pots were dry before the chop - then I hung them in dark bathroom for 5 days (not too cool or warm temp) - they became brittle.
I then put them in glass jars (opened for an hour ea. day) - they just moistened so I was back to square one with wet weed. I'm not going for a perfect curing - just want to smoke weed that's dried properly.

What would you change on technique?

I don't know why they say 70 days seed to smoke - they're obviously not counting harvest / cure time. I know I'm impatient and that there's lots of other impatient people - just look at Attitude seed bank inventory on autoflowers - over 55% of the popular strains are out of stock - I'm talking over 35 different ones!!
What would you change on technique?

Nothing unless your bathroom has high humidity. Then I would lower the humidity. I do it the same way,but some growers will place the buds in paper bags before jarring.
But the thing that looks wrong to me is that yu waited till the plants were dry before chopping them.:ignore: I cut mine down when the tricombs are around 80% milky and take the stalks and hang them upside down from 1/4" dow rods that are suspended in my drying closet. I let them hang for a week in the dark/cool with only a slight air movement through the closet (don't want wind blowing on them, just move the moist air out and fresh air in) after a week, I take them down and trim all the extra leaves except for the smaller sugar leaves, then I lay them on horizontal screens in my closet, in the dark with no air circulation. open the closet once a day to air it out then close it again. I start checking it after a week to see how well it is curing, sometimes if I have a lot-o-buds to dry:D it takes a little longer, then when it feels like I like it (just slightly dry n brittle but still soft and pliable. there is no set time yu just learn the feel of it) I take them out and put them in jars that are taped up to keep light out and seal them for later use.:hubba:
You either should have dried them a little longer and/or opened the jars more often. Dense buds will still hold a lot of moisture even after the stems will snap.

I always trim all the leaves (including the small sugar leaves) off my plants before I hang to dry. I find it extremely hard to trim otherwise. I always hang mine to dry rather than laying them on screens (personal preference as IMO trichs stick to the screen). I check the dryness of the buds rather than going by whether the stems snap or not. I often have to open the jars several times a day for a week or more before I am satisfied that they are dry enough. I have "sleeves" for my mason jars that are simply old sweatshirt sleeves that I slide over the jars. I find this easier than taping the jars up.

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