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Apples and Bananas
Cut down the Gloss Boss, she was ready and needed the room for 2 more (with a 3rd right behind them)
I got a few I have that are ready. They seem to be seeded some so I am leaving them until I need more room. If I am getting seeds I want them viable. On a bright note One of my maui looks like its manning up. So I may have some maui seeds in my future
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So, I have been starting my seeds in 1 gallon pots, rather than the 1/2 gallon milk jugs I had been using. This has worked out well so far, and I am exploring the idea of up potting from the 1 gallon pots to 3 gallon pots, right before they get moved into the tent. Give them time to recover before they stretch and sex
Waiting for my lights to come back on so I can check my seedlings. I gave them nutrients a couple of days ago, so they should be ready to transplant into the 3 gallon containers soon. Then to the tent they go
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Was looking at the Gloss Boss in the drying closet and found a single seed on one of the buds (pollinated by the Sleepy Joe OG "Freak Show" plant that morphed)

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