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Jan 18, 2006
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What's baken? Any how I'm Jessica aka sweetsadjess. Just wanted to say hey and by chance can any one tell me what form I should use to ask about the amounts and prices to buy and and sell weed?
hello, sweetsadjess.
Well, this is a cultivation web-site. Pretty much everyone here just grows it. Mainly, people growing for personal or medical use from what I have been seeing on the site.

Selling weed is too risky for what little you get out of it. IMHO. But to each their own.

I look at it this way if you willing to take the chance selling. Why not keep a good secret to youself and grow your own. You will end up with much higher quality. and the self satisfaction that you are smoking your own bud that you grew.

Anyway welcome to the forum.
Hi'a Jesssssi! Welcome aboard.
We strive to provide the information needed to be "self sufficient".
Like Mutt says, most eveyone here grows for personal use, to eliminate the risks involved in the black market.

Hang sround and learn to grow your own. The rewards are much greater than any you will ever recieve "peddlin' 'mersh"

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