Help with multi strains and nutes

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Mar 15, 2011
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Hello, i just want to say thanks for the info on this site and i love what you are all doing

My friend has a ebb flow with a 8 plant set up. If you look at one site it says it is indica dominant and is a 55 day strain. Another site says it is a sativa dominant and a 70 day strain.

I think i have read that a indica can take more nutes than a sativa.

he wants to grow 8 strains at a time to find out what works for him.

how would you deal with the nutes in on tank for a sativa and indica grow?

Start at 1/4 strength of recommendation. Slowly increase til I see slight tip burn. That is how I deal with all strains.
I would not recommend running different strains with different nutrient needs and different growth patterns in the same ebb-n-flow system. What is he going to do with a 4-6' Sativa next to a 18" Indica? Or a strain that likes a ppm of 2000 next to one that cannot tolerate anything above 1200?
run GH nute line lucas formula....the solutiion is designed to give whatever plants might need in various stages of growth no matter the strain. 8ml micro to 16ml bloom per gallon. run this solution the entire cycle and add a little cal-mg in transition to flower. im running 15+strains in one table some sativa doms but mostly indicas.

the GH line is simple and easy and the lucas formula is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. check my ebb and flo' thread and you will see running many different strains in one table is no big deal compared to popular belief.

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