help with watering - res vs mix every time

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Mar 28, 2011
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i run 70/30 coco/soil mix
one friend swears by having a huge reservoir mixing 2-3 weeks worth of water and nutrients in there. mixes it before watering and thats it.

other friends swears by mixing nutrients before every watering because mixing nutrients and leaving them over time will change the nutrients? or change something about them? any ways he says no way

which is more correct? i would rather mix into one thing to make it easier
if i do that should i throw air stone in there for o2? should i use continuous pump to circulate water or just have to stir before water?
I have found it much easier to mix in bulk. I usually do it early the same day I plan on watering though. I first add the water to the tub, an opaque storage tote in my case, then add my nutrients, then let it bubble/circulate for a while, then check and adjust ph if needed, then water a few hours later. If I have a considerable amount left I will leave it bubbling and circulating and add too it before the next feeding. If not I will water some houseplants with it. . .

I use an air pump/stone and a little submersible pump to keep everytihng oxygenated and mixed up.

Much easier and consistant than mixing it up a gallon at a time like I have done in the past. . .
thanks for input im tired of mixing gallons every day.. ill try what your doing
If you are going to mix up nutes and let them sit, I would recommend keeping them bubbling.

You don't feed and/or water your plants every day do you?

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