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Jan 6, 2006
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I need some suggestions from good Hydro pros out there.
I have sexed my NL. It it is in soil. I am waiting a day or two more just to make sure its not a hermie. (3 weeks of flower).
I am using a mix of Vermiculite and Perlite for my medium. I have read a little Peat moss works, but would like feed back on that.
I am going to clone so..
I will be vegging my mother under (3) 42 watt full spectrum compact florous.
I will be running a seperate box for the flower stage. with a 250 watt HPS.
My question. I want to clone. How many cutting should I take at a time without hurting killing the mother? She is 20" tall (trained).
when should I start my fert with the clones?
Any suggestions on an easy cheap hydro set-up. I have grown non-mj stuff with a homeade bubbler, but I don't want to do that this time. I already have Dyna-grow and Dyna-bloom. Enough to last 2 years. I would like a wic set-up or something. I check my plants every day any way. So maintenece is not a problem.
I would love some suggestions on cloning and hydro.
edit: changed my mind I am going to a water culture with an airstone.
You can go to home depot and buy a small water pump for about $10-$15, some soft rubber tubing and clamps to fit run about $5, an irrigation head with x-number outlets you need(comes with fittings) $2-$8. Wally-World has air stones, air pump, air hose $10. Air hose is soft and flexible so it works great for both air and water. Take some Rubber tubs lying around the house. you can double stack them and drill with holes in one to let the water drain, or have a bubbling bucket/drip all in one. The hydro set up I made cost me like $20. So with a little creativity you can make a $100 kit for less than $40 tops if you had to go and buy everything. The rubber tubs cost more then any other piece. Cut some holes in the top for the size net pots you use and you are pretty much there. I will try to post a pic of mine. nice and EZ but does the job.
Mutt if you are still looking to make your own hydro setup. Here are some pics of mine. Might give you some ideas.

homemade kit1.jpg

Homemade kit 2.jpg

Homemade kit 3.jpg
Your pics are worth a thousand words dude, thanks.

I have all of the supplies already. (I have non-MJ) stuff growing in a homeade bubbler. The reason why I want simple is: frying a hot pepper plant is not as a big of a deal as frying a mother NL plant if you know what I mean. So your set-up = $0.00 for me. I Love it. Niow I got something to do tonite.
Thanks smokey. (I won't get a twitch will I from doing this? Friday the movie) LOL.

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