Here's some old pics of my plants....

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Mar 27, 2005
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Ontario, Canada
Unfortunately, I'm not growing anymore, but I thought you guys might like these...




Looking awesome! You must have enjoyed these buds when you smoked them :)
i gotta get some them ak47 seeds... thats awsome bud... is that one single bud on the scale?? if so, its the fattest one i've ever seen.. nice work.
LOL - the line starts right here... ;)
Awesome is the word, dude - totally awesome! :)
Do it, NTC! You HAVE to see if you can beat your harvest record. ;)
Depends, are we talking per plant, or per crop? Cause that's a BIG difference.

And if we're talking about a crop, are we talking just MY crops, or the biggest crop I've ever participated in? hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Let me hear yours first!LMFAO!! the suspense..............
I don`t even know, but I`d say with 12 (?) 1000 watters, he`s had it goin` on...
well my biggest yeild on one plant was 2 and a 1/2 oz of cured bud but out of a whole harvest it was I think half pound on 9 plants or sum like that
My biggest yeild off one plant, would be 2 3/4lbs. My Biggest yeild of a 10 plant indoor crop was 18 1/2lbs. My biggest yeild outdoors................sorry, I don't want to attrack the attention of the RCMP.

That's all cured bud.

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