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Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

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Apr 13, 2020
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Good morning all you old feckers

one of my roosters somehow broke the tip off his beak , I suppose fighting one of the other roosters and now I’m worried he cannot feed himself properly

its a wait and see deal , today will be day two , he looks a little confused wandering around the barnyard scratching around but not pecking much

@Reibsi , bitchin ‘ scooter you’re friend has and nice plants in the back yard

hot sum-b I t c h today , 100 , I’ll be on the ladder replacing 40’ of facia board , I’ll wear a helmet in case I fall

off to the Salt Mines!

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I've kept chickens for almost thirty years and never had that happen, they look sad enough when they molt! I had to look it up, but supposedly if only the tip of the beak broke off, it should grow back. Try giving a wet mash, or even oatmeal, until it can peck on its own again.
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