Howdy everyone

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I am a 52 year old male who recently moved to the Reno/Sparks Nevada
area. I have been smoking for 38 years. I wish I had all the money I spent in that time on smoke. LOL.
I decided to attempt cultivation as I can't find a dealer and besides
recreational use, I now really need it for pain management for my wife and I.
I will need more than usual wihich is costly.

I have a 2'D X 5'W X 7'H closet I can use. I will be purchasing a 400W HPS unit. I want to grow in pots using a potting mix (not informed enough for hydro). I am thinking about Master Kush as a start.

If anyone can comment on a different seed to start with and how many plants can be grown in my available space it would be appreciated.

Thank you and greetings from Nevada.

Hello, Glad to see new faces.

You may want to do some reading up on Hydro, it isn't that difficult as you would imagine. Soil has its own nest of problems. A lot of the guys here can help you with an easy Hydro setup. It cost more up front than soil, but you'll get some great results.

You'll want to post these questions in the Planting Indoors section. You'll get tons of responses.

See you around the forums and good luck with your future grow.
Hello Mutt:

Thank you for the kind welcome and luck.
I will do some reading up on Hydro. I do not mind spending a little extra. It is all saved down the road anyway.

Will post if I can not find answers to my questions.

Ogof said:
I will do some reading up on Hydro. I do not mind spending a little extra.
Hey Ogof! Good to meetcha.

Post your questions in the Hydro area and I'll help you get the perfect unit set up. It's not that hard. Let's continue the discussion in there.
Hi Ogof, welcome to our family. trust me you will find alot of great info on this website not to mention great people. If you do want to learn about hydro set ups Stoney is definately the man to go to. see you around:)
Hello lady kush:

Thank you for the nice welcome.
It is my pleasure to meet you.


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