II Diavolo & La Diva + More!

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Feb 13, 2011
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:smoke1: Ok guy's i will be starting a new grow tomorrow and will give pics when they sprout in the propagator and i will be growing.

(Brand Delicious Seeds)

II Diavolo x 5
La Diva x 5

(Free Seeds)

Dinafem Seeds Blue Widow x 2
Dinafem Fruit Automatic x 2
World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder x 1
World of Seeds Legend Collection New York 47
World of Seeds Medical Collection Northern Lights x Big Bud

I will be running all the autoflower's under a 600 Watt HPS On 24/0 Light schedule will be useing 11 litre pots, perlite, lightmix soil, will be useing organic nutrients, Bio Bizz Grow & Bio Bizz Bloom & Bio Bizz Alg-A-Mic, Advanced Nutrient's Big Bud.

Grow Tent 120cm x 120cm x 200cm

If you need to no anymore information guy's about what i'm running and useing dont hesitate to ask:):hubba:
Hopefully this journal goes better than last one F.T.W:48:

I would recommend sectioning off a space in your grow bedroom that is 16-18 sq ft or so--the amount of space that a 600W will adequately light.

Are you going to grow the autos and the regs at the same time?
Yes was thinking that...dont no what to do with the other ones was just going to put them all in and keep the regs ones in veg the hole time the autos are flowering then flower them when there done, but really i would of like to have them vegging in a different room but dont have the £££ for a new light atm
If you are growing autos and reg at the same time, you will have an uneven canopy. do you have stools or something you can put the autos on to level out the light?
If you are a new grower, you may want to grow them at separate times. They are going to have different nutrient needs and will grow at different speeds.
Think ill just hold out with the reg ones and just do the autoflower untill i get a 250 hps in next week or so then ill just veg the reg ones at different spot. Vegging them for around 8 weeks wasnt a gd idea then? i thought by just putting them in with the autos on 24/7 light schedule and they would only need some grow now and again in veg?? and would that not make 4 big plants if vegged for 8 weeks?

Lst the reg one's to even them out with the autos?
The Hemp Goddess said:
I would recommend sectioning off a space in your grow bedroom that is 16-18 sq ft or so--the amount of space that a 600W will adequately light.

Think ill just be purchaseing a new tent as im terrible at diy:rolleyes:
Just an update put 3 diavolo 2 la diva and 1 afghan kush for germination :) will post a pic when the babies sprout :D
ok guy's just quick update i bought a tent it is 120cmx120cmx200cm it's like half the size my old 1 so it will diffently do for this grow but anyway's checked in on the girl's this morning and 2 diavolo has poped :) ill do a photo update once they've all poped and there in there new tent loveing it :D
Yours is same size then mine ... What light are you throwing there ?
600 hps saw @ 1st post sorry :doh:

Good luck with the grow :aok:
How many plants would you get in them ? and thank's man cant wait get these babie's going been over month now since last grow and thats been hard haveing no babies to check in on or feed lol :D
i have 8 in 11 liters pots ( guess that you understand metrics and liters ;) ) but i think it is too much. They sweat quite a bite because the leaves are always touching each others. Next time will go only for 6 each time because of the pots but if you are going for a SOG with small veg time you can put lots ( 14 or a little more ) of 6 liters pots. If 3 liters even more. It all depends of the veg time you decide and if from seed or clone.
I'll be useing 11 litre pot's and yes there from seed..just a question on that note is it ok just to put a seedling into a 11 litre pot or is it better to put into 6 litre then transplant after 2 3 weeks?

And we have 4 that is now germinated 2 diavolo 2 la diva :)
Seedling in a seedlings pot. That is what i use. After one week after sprout have changed to 6 liters and the ladies only were transplanted to 11 liters. 6 liters is way to big for seedlings IMO.
And they can take 3 to 5 weeks veg before needing the pot change( from 6 to 11 liters). You can also change from seedlings pot to 11 liters pot right away.
Yea i take it your doing that for reg plants and not auto? I'm running autoflower atm

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