I'm Worthless And Weak

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May 25, 2005
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6 of the plants in my outdoor garden are clones from a friend who told me they were the kind of weed that Nepalese Temple Balls are made from.
I smoked some of that hash back in like '70 or '71. It was the most intense high I've ever had. No one could even get up for a couple of hours.
Unfortunatly, the person I got them from is very sloppy when it comes to strains. Maybe it is what he says it is, maybe not.
In any event, they've been flowering for about 4 weeks. Short squat plants. Most of my other strains are in the 4'--6' range, these suckers are no more than 3' tall.

I got too antsy. I have little self-control when it comes to ganja. So this a.m. I snipped off the tip of a lower bud and it's on the table next to me. It's about a joints worth.
In a few days it will be dry enough to smoke. I'm very anxious to give it an early preview.
I'll report back in a coupla days.
Your right, you worthless and weak stoner. :) I know where you coming from. I get that way too when the time is near...
Awww. LoL. I dont think I'v grown one plant that I havent sampled before it was ready. Dont be so hard on yourself man. We all do it. :D
I guess we're all the same!

And you have even the patience of waiting a few days. Hey man, I have put that stuff in the microwave and oven to enjoy it instantly, well it works to get you stoned. haha
Heh. I do the same thing with a toaster oven on low for about 30 minutes.
Diseased Strain said:
Heh. I do the same thing with a toaster oven on low for about 30 minutes.

The first time I ever did it I was so much in a hurry that I tried put it in the microwave at my parents house. It stunk the whole house up:p I stopped it after about a minute and put on a cookie sheet and stuck it in the oven. The stink was in the house all night.
Yes, the smell is really strong, you have to watch when you do it. haha
Ok, I just smoked it.
It's nothing at all like Temple Balls, at least not at this point (close to 1/2-way done time-wise).
That doesn't mean that they won't end up that way though.
Anyway, very little body stone, although I'm sure it will once the trikes increase & mature. But a pleasant mmmm "spacey" kind of high.
I have some plants about a week behind those, I'll take a sample of them next week.
Out of my allowed 24 plants, all are budding except 2. Prob. s-dom's.
No big deal, GG. Just leave the rest of her alone for now! ;) You won't be giving it a fair shake until it is fully mature, anyway.
I cut two big buds off mine last nite. Put them in the grinder and set them out in the sun for a few hours in a small bowl. Rolled a few joints and headed to my friends place. Smoked out all day. Had a bonfire and grilled some chicken and corn on the cob. Was a great day. To bad I only have half a plant left now though :(
yup, you're all weak!..and for snipping immature nuggets, should have your nuggets snipped..hee hee
Hick said:
yup, you're all weak!..and for snipping immature nuggets, should have your nuggets snipped..hee hee

As long as he prayed to the MJ Goddess and thanked her for her sacrifice, his nuggets are safe! Ouch.
ive been lucky enuf here latley to have plenty of smoke to last me till the next crop. so i dont test crops prematurely any more. i do remember testing my first white widow crop about 2 weeks before it was ready. i cut a few smaller branches from the bottom of the plant and let it dry a few days. i was really dissappointed in the test. that stuff wasnt any good at all. i was really pissed that it wasnt any better than that. it really made a big difference to let it finish and harvest and dry the right way. i was well pleased with the rest of the crop.

i find its kind of hard to judge a crop before its time.
It's amazing how much plumped the buds from the ove plant have gotten in just 8 days.

Yesterday I noticed some spraklie's glistening in the morning light and I couldn't resist (see title of thread).
So I snipped off an approx. 2 gram bud and it is now air drying on my table top.
My magnafier is mia (haven't seen the sucker since last fall) so I can't see the trike's but the hairs are about 20% color changed.
I'll update tomorrow or Sun.

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