Is the price right?

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Sep 19, 2005
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Im looking at a 400w 120V HPS system w/ a full spectrum bulb at a local hydroponics store and they price it out to me at about $220 with tax and they recommend an additional $60 for an exhaust fan. It comes pre wired all I would need to do is wire it to my mogul in the shade and plug it in.

A) Is the price right for the light system or should I shop around?
B) Do I need a special exhaust fan with the HPS system or can I get away with mounting a good powerful desk fan above the light?
The price is reasonable, but could probably find a used one for less. Still, never trust used bulbs unless they're from a friend.

Not sure about the answer to question B.
well if the price is reasonable then Ill probably just go for some peace of mind and get all new stuff
Yeah. I think that's a good idea. I only refer to used stuff because sometimes you can luck out and find someone on craigslist who is trying to unload a 400W or 1000W HPS/MH
for a cut-rate price due to moving, avoiding suspicion, etc...
yeah one could only be so lucky lol
hmm that is something Ill have to look into further. Im running some errands today and Im gonna get out to home depot to look for a 24 hour timer with a triple prong plug and after that Ill go back to that light store and ask some more questions.
you can get hydrofarm for about $230 with 5 years warranty.
hmmm is that American money or Canadian money? if hydrofarm is $230 Canadian with a 5 year warranty then Im sold, can I have a link to look at some hydrofarm products?
well I went to the light store and talked to the owner of the store this time and he told me if I bring in my current shade and morgul they can both be used to hookup a 400w HPS system w/ a full spectrum bulb and they would wire it all up for me for $180. The last guy I talked to in that store said it would cost me $230, prick. Anyway Ive decided on the 400w HPS w full spec bulb and may eventually add a 400w MH if I expand my grow area and/or make separate veg and flowering areas.
Thanks for all your help and advice guys, appreciated as always!

By the way, the owner said the ballast is gaurenteed for 5 years but replace the bulb every year.

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