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So, we live in a nice 55+ community and find ourselves being harassed by a couple from Canada... seems every stray piece of dog **** is from our dog and is causing a problem with the office. So, today to protect ourselves from her malicious lies and complaints.... we've invested in 2 things. A notebook dedicated to our dog walks, time, location of poopies.... and to really have proof over her unfounded complaints & letters to the office.. a body cam like the cops use.. clips right on your shirt and has a 180* wide angle lens, sound, night vision..... for sure worth the $40 to get piece of mind. Accuse us again bi#ch.. Introducing, The Mongo Logs..
Bought a 1TB micro memory card, I can record years of his walks now... don't mess with Carty
B.itches get stitches
Good morning brothers and sisters!

A cloudy day here with showers, starting at 47F and predicted to reach 57F.

My original Kindle died and when I transferred my library to my new one, they didn't show up. After much screwing around, I discovered that I had lost Wi Fi connection on the new one. Back in business once restored.

We're thoroughly enjoying my daughter and SIL's visit, even though she is spending part of her time working remotely on her laptop as an IT Program Manager. Some excitement when my SIL split the rearend out of his jeans while out and about, leading us to some clothes shopping.

Nothing on the schedule today, so we'll do a little sightseeing and my daughter asked to go grocery shopping so she can treat us to one of her specialties tonight.
Morning gang. My hip has been killing me for two weeks. I can hardly stand it to sit in my car and drive to work. I can work, and walk around but sitting position has me wiggling in discomfort the whole time. I’m only 36, too early for this shit to pop up. I’m sure it has something to do with my drunken motorcycle crash back in 2012.
Trying to finish a quail pen. Have 98 eggs in the incubator.
The cicadas are in full swing down south.
I heard them for my first and only time when I was a kid down in Kennett. Loud little bastards! I had to follow one down just to see what critter was making all the noise. little bitty bugger; lots of volume.
My chickens are having an all you can eat buffet. And the cats too lol. Less feed for me to buy I reckon.
We have cicada killer wasps around here, they'll have a blast this summer. They are huge, sting cicadas enough to paralyze them, then drag them back to their hole in the ground still alive. The wasps then lay eggs in the still paralyzed cicada, where the larva will feed on the cicada until full grown. Weird trivia from a nature watcher.

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