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Every year in febuary i travel down to a south american country with a bunch of people where we help out a community by building some kind of building. The year Before someone was almost was arrested for possesion of marijuana. The organazation is paranoid that their reputaion will be ruined by having someone get jailed down in a foreign country. I cant Blame them and so every year i jsut simply put the marijuana down and enjoyed the trip. But this year their doing random drugs test on the trip if there is any suspition of any drug use what so ever.

They told me that if i smoke i have to stop by sunday or it will show up on the test (it would be around 30 days till the trip) I know for a fact that marijuana only stays in your sytem for 30 days if you smoke it alot. (which i dont. Recently ive only been doing it once a week and thats it. SO does anyone have any estimated of when i should stop just to be safe.

Im kinda of mad because the week before the trip i go to california with some friends and it pretty much will just be a Drug bing for 4 days straight. I guess ill just stay to the drugs that dont show up in standard test lik (anything thats not marijuana, a opiat, coke, or speed)

ps. sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes im in a rush
i cant answer all your question noname because i dont really smoke a whole lot myself but i would recomend water water water , to constantly flush out every hour that you are awake . but then again i wouldnt even take the chance on going this time . that is too scary of a thought to go to j/or prison in another country make a wise decision . gl.
I would stop 1 week prior (at least) and do a full body flush. Water and Cranberry juice. Get some detox pills out of a GNC or internet. But quit taking those 2 days prior. You still want your piss to be a little yellow. Not clear as they may reject it if your just pissing water. then it is another week.

stay away from the other drugs and get drunk dude.
Why should i stay away from other drugs and alchohol?

their not testing for them.
No man

I said "to get drunk". hahaha
Stay away from stuff they are testing for. Drink yourself to bliss. Dude.
I just wouldn't risk doing something that might stay in your system.
do a bump and drink with your boys. I just wouldn't smoke anything until your clear.
oh haha i didnt read it to well.

yeah thats what im pretty much going to do.
How long it remains "detectable" in your system, is directly influenced by your individual metabolism. While you state it as a "fact" that "marijuana only stays in your sytem for 30 days if you smoke it alot", it may hold true in your case, with your body fat, metabolism and lifestyle. But if you are not a physically active person that has trouble seeing his belt buckle, that theory may not stand as fact.
I stopped smoking since last night. Ive been pretty much high for the past 3 days. Time for 3 weeks of legal drugs.

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