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Sep 26, 2006
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Dixie land
I live in the big city in a new state i just moved too. I returned home in march this year and had some seeds so i planted a few spots and put out a good dose of fert. I wasnt planning on much but hoped it would make some good seed. It didn`t rain on them much at all all summer.I returned sept first to see if there was anything and to my suprise they were well over my head.
One of the females had large buds but was seeded and there was about 15 females and 15males. At that time i removed all the males and the females all except the one budding were just showing signs of budding. Now i no the one plant is really early budding and the males that pollinated it were early also.
My questions is will some of the later budding plants grow and make some since buds or will because the first sited on the females got pollinated will they just fill those seeds and be content with those:cool:
Im not returning to pull them till into november which will be 10 or 11 weeks budding on most of the plants.
Any feedback would be helpfull. Slim


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Jan 6, 2006
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man, this is a scary post. but oh well. Random pollenation is a very iffy subject so I won't go there.
Because of pheno and geno types the plants will finish at different rates. So just harvest each one as they bcome ready. I harvest the top half then work my way down as they become ready. :D
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Jul 18, 2006
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The one u say is just starting budding shouldn't be too full of seeds.. unless there are other males around. Each seed needs a piece of pollen to be made.

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