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A friend has been trialling this stuff, hxxp:// and said he has been impressed with the results. I have not seen them, just what he has told me over the phone. Besides his mj, he has also used it in his greenhouse on tomatoes, chilli's and peppers, again with good results.

Has anyone come across this stuff, I want to give it a try but only if others have used it too lol. I can feel an experiment coming on with some cuttings but would like to hear from others first.

Thanks W
Watch the live links. They are prohibited for security reasons. Just change the tt to xx and everyone knows what to do get them to work.
How experienced is your buddy? I have found that sometimes people just get better at growing rather than some specific product making any real difference...
Damn the live link, 1st time ive done that, apologies!

He has been growing for 30 years, mostly in soil, mostly in a greenhouse but indoors with HID in winter.
I think it was the organic part he liked, especially the seaweed stuff. I read a couple of reviews of it but wanted to see if anyone here has used it. I trust opinions here more than a review that could be by an employee of the company, I am a cynical so n so!
Fabulous stuff, can only say good things about it. I use the "Plant Growth Stimulant" product as a foliar feed. Plants love the stuff. Give em a spray and just see the difference a couple of hours later .. so lush and green.

Picked up a box of the "Cal-Sea-Feed" yesterday at the garden centre. Haven't tried it out yet though.
Thanks Runby,
I love experimenting but not with cash!
Since you speak highly of it, I will give some a try, I liked the sound of the seaweed stuff and my m8 uses it too.
Peace W

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