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Jun 19, 2005
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I have a plant growing in large bucket on my porch it 2ft. Nice thick stalk full leaves ive been pruining it. it has not shown any signs of flowering. I have to find some where quick. my girl thinks indoors with artificial light. i say outside in the woods and hope for the best? any suggestions
If you move it inside you can force it to flower sooner then leaving it outside by cutting the light cycle to 12/12. Leaving it in the woods will be alot more light and yield but it won't flower untill the end of summer or fall. It depends if you're in a rush and if you already have the proper lighting, and also if you have a safe place in the woods to plant.
Before you bring it inside you need to set up a grow space with lights, reflective walls & ventilation.
-Don't remove leaves; they're there for a purpose.

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