my 1st grow! purple kush & big bud

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i love mj!
Apr 6, 2011
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well this is my first grow. everyone pull up chairs and its a b.y.o.p. i get to taste whats going around the room. also mention what your smokin. enjoy
2 p.k clones are under way, 2 weeks old. big bud in water now should be cracked and in soil in a day or so.ill post pics every week or 2,; till:afroweed::joint: there is something to show:ccc:
this is the p.k from clone. 2 weeks old. under a 90watt cheesy :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ufo led light. but its working. good growth. very solid/ strong ,thick purple stems & stalk. the 1 pic the leaves look kinda yellow.?? now i had 50deg temps for the first week. to cold here. now temps are @ 78degs and things are looking way better. so hopefully this is old and not from the nuts i put in 2 days ago. i also transplanted to 3 gallon pots with a mix im going to try.





Green mojo Ruffy....I will Put my Habitrail over here in the corner.
I'm in... Look a little over/under watered:confused: droopy leaves might cause for concern... IDK JMO
I to will give you green mojo!! :hubba: happy growing and stay safe!!:D:D

they wont be now, i hope. i transplanted and regular water, water again then more grow juice
update time (pics tomorrow) all leaves are stiff and straight now, looking real bushy in 3rd week. ive been lst? i think its called. holding back the branches with pipe cleaners. very kool how mj grows and looks for light, what a beautiful thing to grow!! and 3-5 big bud seeds cracked after 4 days of poor colder germination i cupped all 5 and slid them in the room i need proper heat and a bit of warm glow. c u next time
Correct Ruffy, bending over the stem or branches like that is called lst. low stress training. there is also hst. high stress training which are things like actually topping the plant. I cant wait to see the size of the BB nugs! mojo mate
Hamster Lewis said:
Green mojo Ruffy....I will Put my Habitrail over here in the corner.

ah hahaha that brightened my morning.... habitrail... ah hahah
Looked at your soil, what is this?? It looks to be lacking in perlite.

BigBud was my first grow as well..said was easy for first timmers...Big Buds But Didnt care for the Low THC level...take care and be safe

well this is a long process but the veg time should produce lots. i had a hp come in they for got send ballast, and the tube came cracked. so im waiting for the swap out a shipment of ballast. ill grow for 2 more weeks then flower.
as for my seeds, its been to cold so i failed a few beans and most popped and are in dirt. 3 big bud, 3 white widow max, shiva. all a week old. slowly but shurley!! make sure u have everything b4 you start ot it can be drawn out lol


from seed april 26 they broke ground, germ in wet paper towel in baggy @ 80 degs in a dome. been under a t5 till now. 3 big bud, 3 white widow max 1 shiva, 1 super silver haze





Have smoked SuperSilverHaze from a friend and it is good stuff ... I think it takes a little to be ready, but great smoke.

They look great.
finally got the stuff i needed for this to frikin work! 250 hps, mh on now. get your stuff b4 you go to grow ,lol :tokie: p.k is 6 weeks old and ready to grow (on right), all the others are from bean, left side to right side in pics.. top left down. white widow, 3 big buds, lettuce & peppers, silver haze (top right), shiva, white widow.
they are kinda shocked from the light switch and heat. and i re arranged the room. now i wait for sexing to happin.
the p.k had nitro def. i bit back that is what you see there.





a week (5days) after i put the 250 watt mh up.
6.5 ph, 77 degs, 24 hrs light on


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