My babies are sick

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Dr MadBud
Mar 26, 2011
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I have 9 clones that were taken from my Blueberry punch. Just set them in the veg n flower room this weekend. About a week ago they started getting this curled under, bulgy look. Now I am seeing some necrosis on the bigger fan leaves. I am not able to see them daily and check them more closely, but I found this weekend that the ph was sitting at 7.2 in their hydro-rez. They are in coco and are topfeed drip hydro. I had a major Thrip infestation a couple weeks ago and drowned them in Azamax which eliminated the thrips but I am thinking that the ph got off and my partner didn't check the ph for several days. I don't know, but I did move them out of the system that they had been starting in and moved them to their new system with all fresh water and nutes at proper ph.
Whatcha think guys?

sick babies 001.JPG

sick babies 002.JPG

sick babies 006.JPG
Once you get the PH straighten out the new growth should be all right. That just looks like a servere case of nutes being locked out by to high a PH
Thanks, that is what I was thinking, but I like to hear some concensus from yu guys here b4 letting it rest. I am going to worry the ferts out of my partner to make sure he keeps a close eye on them in my absense.
I am with Ozzy on this and think they will recover once the ph is corrected.
On a positive note, I see quite a few leaves facing upwards towards the light, always a good sign.
It sounds as though you've figured out the solution,; fix the pH and you should be good to go.
i had same problem once [lock out] mine was down to over watering just a thout?? you may be doing the same or like the peeps have said could be ph!! when it hapend to me it was autos i was growing and lowerd my yeild i to thout mine was ph problem and so was still watering with sorted ph,,,it made my probs worse!!and with auto life span so short i sused wot the problem was but to late,,,peace////[j]
The interesting thing about overwatering is that I have used a constant "drip" waterline on all of my plants for some time now since I have been growing in coco. I use a strong aeration method in my rez to make sure there is plenty of oxygen in the water and I have not had any problems with overwatering in the past with this system (and it delivers a steady stream of water to each plant) but I still wonder if I am living on the edge of overwatering with this setup. I am hoping that the issue was PH malfunction brought on by the use of Azamax. should see in the next few days.

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