My bad

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Everyone...sorta went off like in another thread no reason to get into details, but I know when to admit I was a bad mutt. Newspapers on the head may be extreme though LOL :angrywife::hitchair:
Just an I'm sorry Roddy for goin off like that. Just been gettin riled lately about stupid crap. Think I need to work on my stress level now ;)
Just a post bad bro.
Thread closed?? I missed all the fun. You guys are funny :) Insert big group hug here------>
All is well, my friend, no worries at all!! :48: If I irked anyone in that thread, my apologies as well, was actually having some fun with it all!
Full moon's makin dogs go craayyzy .. Was last night but the emovibes are kinda strong still
You wouldn't be a "Mutt" if you didn't get off the leash now and again!
:eek: Mutt get out of control? Never,,not Mutt.:hubba:

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