my first grow

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Apr 6, 2011
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hey its my first time growing so here is a pic off my baby so far she is 3 weeks old in soil with a 250w m/h light ive not added any nutes yet could i get feed bk from u ppl or any thoughts bout my plant cheers



What kind of soil did you use? Looks like a happy baby to me.
If your soil has a lot of nutes in it, you won't have to use any additional for a few weeks.
im growing in bio bizz all mix i think there is enuff for 3-4 weeks
Looking good..

Just keep your eyes on them, they will tell you when they are hungry.

i feed seedlings at about day 6 or 7, but i have very little to no nutes in my soil.
Do you know the strain? Is this from seed or a clone? Like Rosebud, i wonder what soil are you in? It could be the picture color (I'm seeing it on a cell phone) but it looks a bit pale. You will get excellent help here at MP.
it was just a seed out a bag o green i got she is very green its just the pic on camera i will try get another better pic
prob just the light, next time you take pics, remove them from the grow light and take pics under normal household lighting.
If you are growing out bag seed then you will want to keep an eye out for hermies after the flip....

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