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My Latest Grow CB Diesel


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Dec 13, 2020
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Canada's west coast in the bush
I germinated a CBD seed 15 hours in a glass of filtered water then 4 days covered with a wet dish cloth.
After day 4 the seed had split and the cotyledons were visible and the root was an inch long.
I put the germinated seed in a piece of rockwool and then into an Aero-Garden.
The water in the Aero-Garden is PH 6.0 and I put 1/4 teaspoon of bloom in a gallon of water.
The seedling is on day 2 and its getting its second set of leaves.
As soon as the roots hit the water I will start to gradually increase the nutes.
There are some condensation water droplets on the leaves because I have to keep a glass over
the seedling as one of my cats thinks the Aero-Garden is a kitty tanning bed.


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