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Got my bag of river pebbles, so now I can transplant my seedlings into the 1 gallon containers, and wait for them to get acclimated before topping any of them. Side branches are getting big enough to take clones, but need to get a cloning chamber finished first


One of the Sleepy Joe OG seedlings is already showing female pre-flowers

Was planning on taking some clones from this plant, but the crazy thing has started budding in the veg box! Guess I will try to get some more height on her, and then to the tent she goes

I resurrected the original Incubator for the cloning chamber and all I had handy was a single LED panel like I have in the tent
They are pretty cheap on amazon. They are kind of thin but hold up really well. I have reused mine at least 4 times now and they are still going strong. They are flexible so do not break easily. I have been using mine since Sept or Oct last year. They are still in great shape do well worth the money.
These are the ones I buy. They also come in 50 and 100 packs for a little more.
A friend made some gummies last night and turned me on to 6 of them to test for him. He decarbed an oz of smoke, and used a formula taking THC % and dry weight or something like that and came up with what we hope are some high dose gummies
Yes It can happen. I use edibles at bedtime for sleep. They seem to help with me going to and staying asleep. I am full of regrets If I don't eat one at bedtime. I will toss and turn and be very restless without it.

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