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Sep 19, 2005
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Happy to report that I harvested a very sweet tasting 2 ounces off of my last plant, and currently have 2 Heavenly Hash seeds (HHxG13) germinating, and 2 more germinated Heavenly Hash seeds planted. I started germinating all 4 seeds 36 hours ago. When there is visible growth I'll post some pics, until then wish me luck this is my first time growing from seed but so far so good!
Insane heavenly hash looks very good, I was thinking of growing that next. Anyways good luck and let us how it works for you.
Well so far 3 out of 4 seeds have germinated and been planted, and one of those 3 has already popped its little white head above the soil (maybe 1/8")

I also substantially upgraded my gro setup which now includes

1 Solux 125 watt Red spectrum bulb (Self ballasted!)
1 Solux 125 watt Blue spectrum bulb (Self ballasted!)

With limited grow space these lights work perfectly. Although they arent cheap at $100 each, they are self ballasted and very effective. Because Im growing in an old closet I completely lined the interior first with black poly for insulation and then mylar covering all of the poly which gives the effect of letting all of the light bounce around in the closet and letting the light spectrums mix a bit seems to work fantastically.

This will be the last post in this thread about my grow, Ill keep updating you guys in the Grow Journals under Heavenly Hash

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