no more soil problems



i was thinking of trying hydro since i've been having soil problems lately....i feel more comfortable growing in soil so i started looking for any alternatives that would be close but not necessarily hydro....i've started using straight light warrior in 3 ga pots with about a 2" layer of grow rocks on the bottom....i can fit 9 plants in a 3x3 pattern in the 3'x3' grow tray my buddy just recently gave me....i top feed/water and use the tray for drainage into a bucket rather than individual plant far so 4 Popcorn seedlings are 10 days old and forming there 4th set of bladed leaves....i'll try to get some pics of the setup sometime soon....i just got my Pot of Gold seeds and wound up with some NL#5 freebies....Maple Leaf Indica and Strawberry Cough are on there way too....almost makes me wish i never had to leave the house....

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