Not Enough Time

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Aug 5, 2005
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Was wondering if any one of you more experienced growers could lend your insight to these pics. They are grown in my yard...neighbors are cool, they all get some when I harvest each year but this seems to be the worst year I have ever had. Plant is a little more than 6 feet tall, but seems to only be budding on one side, i'm guessing due to not enough light. I can live with that, but she has just started budding (in 2nd week) but they are usually much farther along in the process @ this time of year than they are now. Live in CO and it never fails that it snows on halloween here and i'm thinking they will not be "ready" by then. Whatcha think.....please gimme some good news.



WoW!...they are behind. Very sativaish to finish before frost. The latest that I've ever been able to let 'em go, was Oct 21. Good luck!

you might be able to cover her over frosty nights, if you can figure a way to support the cover, up off of the plant.

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