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Lemon Jack

Above the clouds
Aug 25, 2011
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Hi all I've been a lurker here for a while and finally decided i wanted to get in on some of the interaction too :D . I'm currently just getting started with my second grow with lots of room for improvement lol:eek: . As soon as Im ready too take clones Im going to start a journal and what not but until then somebody take this:48:

welcome aboard sure glad to have you..hope to see ya around the boards...Untill then take care and be safe
Welcome to MP....glad ya stepped out of the shadows and into the Lime Light.
:) Me too thanks guys makin me feel at home right away I already love this place
:ciao::welcome: To the Only Place :ciao::bolt::bong:
Get in then I got another if that one burns out :)

I see Lemon Jack brought enough for everyone......

I think you will fit in nicely here LJ.....:)
Thanks alot Hammy I sure hope so. I'm lovin it so far lol :)

Time for a change of aparatus:D

Meyer lemons are delicious....welcome lemon I'm sure you'll enjoy it here
Lemons are pretty awesome but Lemon Skunk is better IMO :)

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