Nutes Gone Bad?

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Mar 11, 2011
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hello everyone, how are we all doing this afternoon? Good. Ima get to my point becuase I need to water my ladies but wanna check this out first.

Question : How long are the Fox Farm Big Bloom nutrients good for? Do they expire? Ive had a bottle for like 6 years and its like completely full that I would like to start using. I do not want to go pay for another bottle if I do not have to.
Thank you for your time hopefully I get some good responses! ;)

Or any nutrient like fox farms, I just need to know if they go bad.
the original link works. . .


Thank you for your question. You are storing them in the correct conditions, and the shelf life for Big Bloom is 3-4 years and it gets better with age like a fine wine!
The shelf life of Tiger Bloom and Grow Big is 2-3 years, preferably 2 years.

The FoxFarm team appreciates your interest in the products.

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