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I went out and bought some nutrients for my plants, I got super veg A&B and super bloom A&B. When I mixed the nutrients with the water i get a ph lever of 6.4 is that good? I heard the ph level should be around 5. If i mix the nutrients at different levels per gallon would that change my ph level? or is there a different way to change the ph level?. I heard you should use the veg nutrients for the first 2 weeks of flower? if so then i would use the flower nutrients for the 3rd week to the 6th then flush? any help will do, new with nutrients. thanks
hey adam..the fert schedule sounds just about right. Flush with plain water for the final two weeks.
I have no first hand experience with that line of nutrients. But here's a helpfull chart
thanks that chart help, iwhen i mixed the nutrients with the water i get a ph level of around 6 - 6.4.
you want your pH around 6.5 - 7. 5 is DEFINTELY too low. you can buy products specifically for adjusting pH at a garden store, and from what i've heard, even pet stores, caus they sell em for fish tanks.
sorry about that last post i was half asleep at 4 this morning. :) I used the nutrients this morning, but only on the one plant to see if theres a difference. The PH Level is about 6.5, i use one of thos $5 ones from wal-mart i think there for fish tanks or something.
another thing you can use is pulverized lime cheap also has directions on raising ph .

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