Oh how ive missed this web site

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lady kush

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Oct 5, 2005
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Hey my fellow puffers. Im Lady Kush, I use to be on here about a year ago and Im back now. I hope everyone has had successful growing, high yeilds and a great buzz! :p
Just trying to decide on what type of seeds to get. Ive been lookin for some good Skunk to smoke but its hard to find outhere in NY. So I guess Ill have to grow my own. Should I go with stright skunk or a skunk cross. I havent had any skunk in years.
OMG...that old school "roadkill skunk" from the 70's...I'm afraid it's gone forever. :mad: :( :confused:
Yeah I know Hick but Im just tired of the same old crap thats out here thats why I also want to know about Lionheart but nobody seems to know about it.

Grim it seems like 4eva, how have you been. By the way loving your new avatar;)
Hey Lady,
I been well, burning more and more brain cells everyday and still alive (not bad). College is over at the end of Nov. and I am free!!
By the way your avatar is quite amusing.

Take care,
welcome, I just got on here a few months ago,, n I learning all kinds of thing,, so I can see how U can miss ben around

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