Old Fo Freak Show Grow

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Very grouchy and ornery today…
May 12, 2014
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I got my Freak Show regular seeds today. They sent 24 when I ordered 10. I will have to complain… ;)

Also sent 4 freebies of Blueberry Kush x AK47 fems but they will need to wait.

Planted 4. They will go outside in my veggie garden. Most likely will be small due to the late start but, meh, I have 20 more…
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I’m sure mine grew an inch today outside. Well maybe not an inch but noticeable to a constant watcher like me. I think putting them outside was a good idea. Good luck Fogey with yours
Mine spent the day in the sunshine.

the old water heater trick I see.
My water heater isn’t that warm these days. Worked well in the cold months but the pots felt cool to me which I why I put them outside today.

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