Pre 98 Bubba Kush (Immortal flowers)

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the chef

A Bong Hog!
Jul 24, 2009
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Was graced with these to do a test grow for Immortal Flowers! Would like to give a big thnx to Supernatural for the oppertunity! Here's the start...i'll be germing these at 12:01 tonight for 420!!!!!!!!

you must know some high people in high places mate :D mojo for the 420 run
I have my beanbag chair and my bubbler...I'm good to go for the grow show. GL Chef!

weres the DIrt....just a lable man..:spit:
Hey there,

Pre-98 is in my top 5 fav. strains! I will definitely be couch locked on this one. Hope you don't mind..
All are welcome.......Smoke i got invisible dirt! Got the hook -up and then some!
As promised in the red solo cups at 12:01 on 4-20! Happy 420 to all! Thnx to all who dropped in!

Nice. You know I am here to wish them a Happy birthday to all those little ones... Plus...its my first 420 post of the day.
Happy 420 Mo and Doc! Mo got a few hrs but now its time to BIU!
:48: Here pass this around too. Enjoy the celebrations :D
I have to watch this Chef. I think Pre 98 Bubba is gonna be in my garden this year. tcbud here to learn.

Happy 420!
Hey TC my bud! Got all five to pop and now just waiting to Shed thier caps! ROSIE hope you had a 420 to remember!
Why would they call that pre-98 when on the pack it clearly shows a cross?

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