Public Apology to LordNecro

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I've decided to apologize to you LordNecro, I've come off as a complete ass... because I am on most occasions an ass..

So to you LordNecro, I'm sorry that I am a moderate *****.

And i'm sorry if my actions in writing in your post offended you or made you feel bad, honestly it's not like me to jump down someones throat like that, however it was done and it needed to addressed in a mature and honorable fashion.
If you don't accept my apology I understand, and if you wanna hate on me from here on out, please go right on ahead I deserve it.

hey its cool you didnt need to apologize but i appreciate it.

i just get really defensive about all this shit im dealing with right now.
i was offended by what you said yeah but i didnt need to post what i did so im sorry too.
when i noticed you were younger than me it really pissed me off me off that you said what you did. after being an everyday all day smoker for 3 years straight (ive been smoking since 15 though)to totally changing my life style completely because of 6 months house arrest really gets to me.
the house arrest was for 6 months. and i did in fact get busted because of someone else's stuff in my car. all i had was a pipe on me that was found (they couldnt find my hidden weed inthe car) and if it was all that they found i would have been let go and they woudl have kept the pipe. but in searching my car for the weed that they were sure i had (but never found) they found a small amount of coke that was somewhere in passenger side of my car. it was less then a Q gram i think it looked real small.
that what gotme sent to jail.

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