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Jul 25, 2005
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I've just finished my first grow and moved to my second. with this one, i am wanting to do a sea of green, but i don't have all that many cloning resources. What i've got is a bunch of small pots, potting soil, a rooting gel, and some oasis foam bricks. i can't get rockwool anywhere. anyway my question is will the clone succeed if i just stick the foam bricks in the soil, dip the cutting in the rooting gell and stick it in the brick? any tips?
Get a dome for your clones, it's a must. I only use potting soil and clonning gel then i water it thoughly and spay the plants with water twice or 3 times daily. These clones rooted after 10 days.

ok, than k you for the advice. as for the dome, what kind of material does it have to be? in other words, how can i make one. and what exactly is the purpose of the dome because knowing why it's a 'must' would be helpful to me. thanks again and thanks for any more help
The dome is plastic, you can get them at grow shops for a couple of $$. It's a must casue it keep the humidity and heat in, the roots need the extra heat to root faster and keeping the humudity keep the plants moist so they don't dry up and die. I think there called a Humudity Dome, not really sure of the name I call it a dome.
you could make one if you wanted but for like $4, $5 it's easyer to buy one.
just cut the bottom off of a 2 litre pop bottle and put use that as a dome... much cheaper (but some work is involved).
thanks for the advice im hoping for the best
I tryed that 2 litre pop bottle thing and it didn't work that good for me. Plus i think it's only good for a few clones.

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