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Diseased Strain

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Jan 29, 2005
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I'm not sure how reputation works. But I do know that I have nobody on this site I'm allowed to give rep. to.

I'm finding myself giving rep to newcomers and people for the only reason that I need to free up some other names.

I dont think that's the reason I should be giving out reputation points. But the fact that there are only a handfull of regulars here that it's hard to find someone that you havent given reputation to, or will let you give it again. I would have liked to give Guru some rep for some of his stories. But a month ago I gave him some and I still cant give him any more. But I think he deserves it. As for some others that have put up new pic's or whatnot. The people that should be geting the rep cant and I think that's messed up.

Is there any way you can drop the ammount needed to be given out between rep points. So we may pass some rep around to the people that should be geting it ? This is just something that's been bugging me after the 100'th time trying to pass out rep and not being able to.

Just a request. Thanks MarP.
Also, is there any way to downgrade member status?

Over the past couple of weeks I moved from "junior member" to "member", but that's only 'cause I post so much. Not representative of my actual growing knowledge. Not yet.
I will check out what is possible with the rep stuff. I know you are able to change a few settings there so let me find out how.

Also, the number of points can also be changed. Maybe it's now a little too high at the moment.

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