Questions Bout My Girl

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May 22, 2011
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Hey everyone this is my Northern Lights/Auto/Fem
First auto i have ever tryed just wanna ask some questions about it...
Everything's good till now just wondering how much to growth i can look forward to and about how many week of flower should i give her
Also wonderin how you get your ph perfect what do you do to lower it and raise it
I use ph- which can be bought from any grow shop.
I have heard of Sulphuric acid being used but if you do that handle very carefully with protective equipment and NEVER add water to acid, always acid to water.
Other stuff I have heard of being used includes urine, citric acid/lemon juice and vinegar.
I prefer to stick with stuff made for hydroponics/growing.

all those home remadies are only hold for a little while...a PH up and down from a grow shop is best IMO...I know mollasses will bring PH down..Do ya have a grow shop near you?..or Buy some online?

take care and be safe
ya theres a few ill look into it thanks. im also wondering whats a good NPK for her now that shes two weeks into flowering

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