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Apr 6, 2011
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hey guys, ok, im going to use 90watt ufo led over a area of 2.5'x2.5' x 5' high.
-for veg & bud whats the hights above the plant?
-any good comments on led?
-my room is in a colder basement even in the summer, stays cool. i have a exhaust fan, 4" computer fan. is that enough or do i need to use m y other 4" and blow fresh air in?
-i think with the sucksion and a small whole near the bottom of the room itll suck fresh air in? wont it?
-and on that note ill also have a small fan blowing air on the plants.
-with the 4" exhaust fan do i need to run it 24/7? or just for a half hour every day? i want to keep the heat in the room for lights out while in bud mode. any ideas or help would be kool. i have read alot and did this 20 yrs ago. im just new to different leds. thanks
I dont think led give out much heat nor lumes..not sure if 90 is enough for the area..and ya said its a cooler area...we want to maintain room temp 74-78f...with adiquate air exchange...heres a good place to read up on crap till someone come along

take care and be safe

Ruffy, ditch the 90w ufo unless you use it for veg only. For flower it will be useless, yes the plants will flower but you will be greatly dissapointed with your yeild. If you're gr is in the basement, invest in a 400w hps, you should have no problems keeping it cool.
While you may be able to use your LED to veg, I also recommend a HPS for flowering, especially if your space is cold.

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