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Feb 22, 2006
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I just brought 3 plants to my house yesterday. 2 of them are doing great, but when i came home from work today 1 of them was leaning over really bad. The top of the plant is almost touching the ground. Is this bad and if so what can help?

(Sorry for all the ?'s)
Dude not much info to go on.
Could be a dozen things or more.
To help we need more details.
Hey dude,

1. Soil or Hydro?
2. If hydro what type bubble, ebb and flo, etc.?
3. ferts/nutes used? Soil mix?
4. Lighting: Florous, HPS, MH, or mix? wattages?
5. PH if known?
6. What stage of growth?
7. Relative humidity and temp of area if known?
8. Grow area size and ventilation?
9. Any other measurements that may be useful like PPm, EC, CF, etc.?
10. lighting schedule?

This will get us a good start on helping you with your grow.
Hey Mutt, here's everything i know

2.no ferts.I have 1 plant in miracle grow moisture control potting mix, and 3 are in regular top soil from a nursery
3.Lighting is two 4 ft. florous 40 watt, and one small 25 watt florou
4.I think the PH is high because i bought some test strips from wal-mart and they are darker than the ones on the box
5.Veg state
6.temp is 65-75 degrees roughly
7.grow space is a closet 2x4x8, ventilation is a fan pointing in on the floor and a fan pointing out on a shelf inside the closet,and i open the window in the room periodically
8.Lighting schedule is 24/7
Was the one leaning over really bad in the moisture control soil?
yeah, i transplanted it from the topsoil last night because it needed more room. I take it that's what's doing it.
The Miracle grow has pre-ferts and crap. ussually too much for a little plant. The moisture control doesn't allow proper drainage either. Drainage is a key element for you soil. I would wait before transplanting again. It is apparently shocked pretty bad. It may still re-coup. hang in there. Sometimes the best thing is let them grow with no water or ferts for a couple of days and see what happens.

How are you testing your PH?
I bought these test strips from wal-mart last night and tested my tap water and some Kroger brand "purified water" and they were the exact same,both were darker than the colors on the box.Is it ok for the plants, that i turn the lights off for like an hour a day to cool off.They are on a 24/7 cycle
yeah, i've been watering them 2 times a day which i know now is wrong so i'm gonna start watering them once or twice a week. I wanna get some ferts but i'm not sure which kind because i dont know which nutrients i'm lacking.
I know that now, I'm just gonna say screw it and go get a meter from home depot
Am I allowed to hate Wal-Mart and Miricle Grow?

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