Raising Soil Ph (PICS)

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Aug 13, 2005
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I was wondering if the "Ph - Up" products for aquariums can be used to raise the Ph in soil, or is this just used for hydro?

Also, can you use lime in a fast acting manner, while the plant is growing, or does this need to be applied to un-used soil?

Thanks in advance.


I have proper ph 7.0, which will raise/lower ph to achieve 7.0. And your not supposed to use it if you have live aquarium plants. I'm almost positive you would poision your plants unless it was specifically ment to be used with aquarium plants. And then again it would be for aquarium plants in this case not house plants. So you decide if it's worth it.

I am guessing that you are trying to tell me that "Ph Up" products are not made for indoor plants in soil, and that they are only for indoor hydro?

Thanks for the reply!
lime will raise your ph . i had used iton mine 2 weeks ago .powder lime at lowes or home depot . very cheap . mine is outdoors though . dont think it would make a difference whether indoors or not . it is pretty cheap if you want something cheaper would be a old piece of drywall laying around it is also powdered limestone just make sure you have a soil tester so you wont raise it too high .
Skunk hit it on the nose. Fo soil you will want to use a lime or wood ash, or alum. sulphate. YOu can find most soil ph adjusters at a grow shop.

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