Skywalker Triploid

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A tip I just remembered because I broke alot of branches this year being impatient. LST is kind of a daily thing, but not after you water. Give it another day or so. After watering the branches become stiffer and are more susceptible to snapping. I did some bracing and taping after snapping several branches and they pretty much all recover if you can give them 2-3 days. One snap was half a plant so I just said a screw it and got rid of it but the newer softer growth up top recovers quickly.
Transplanted, adjusted ties, lightly watered. I have noticed that the typical wonkiness I get with Mephisto is no longer present. No odd colors, the fans are growing more blades, they are on the skinny side though. Not sure what the initial Skywalker even got pollinated with or if it was selfed. Whatever it is, it's a photoperiod now.
I like the clean grow space. Ive come across a few grows that make one cringe. One guy didn't even have drip pans. Leaf, branches, and dirt all over the floor. I'm no ocd clean freak but I do know dirt invites critters. Some folks just don't get
Great looking grow. I look forward to watching.
Wrapping up 2nd week of transition. Not much stretch at all for these two. I run my lights at night to help even out the temperature differential. Mid to low 70s at lights off, low 80s during lights on.
Lights on 11 hours, off 13. Buds are forming up.

Pic taken 30min before lights out.
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