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Mar 3, 2011
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]Hey all, i am growing in Happy Frog soil and actually didnt realize the PH of this soil was 5 and have been PHing my water to 6.5(making my leaves yellow a bit). My question is should i keep watering with 6.5 water and my soil will eventually adjust or should i PH my water higher? If anyone knows what im talkin about input or knowledge would be great.
This was mentioned before, but adding powdered dolomite lime to you mix will stabilize the pH in the sweet spot and you won't need to do all this pH adjusting.

Peat based mixes really need lime added to work well, and that is a peat based mix.

You should be able to sprinkle some dolomite lime on top of the soil and water it in. I imagine it would take awhile to work, though. Or, you could repot your plant into soil that has had a tablespoon of lime per gallon of soil added to it.
He doesn't say if he's running organic or not. He's using a soilless mix if it's peat based. Just like all other non soil based mixes, if running chem nutrients, the PH always going in is 5.8 or so.

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