Spread Some Love People!!!

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Mar 27, 2005
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Ontario, Canada
Does everybody know that you can build a 'reputation' for other people here? If you click one of the icons under a users display picture in a thread, you can let people know what they think about you.

I'm just wondering, 'cause apparently no-one like me! lol, and after all the love I've already spread for all of you!!! lmao:(
what about mine even though im not on as much you guys can still spread the love ...................right
;) LOL - great! And here`s some back atcha! ;)
No Cincy, you guys doing a great job here on the forum. I thank you all.
Thanks, MarP, for puttin` up with us. :D
Ya, we all know how hard it is to put up with Goldie!!! ROTFLMFAO;)

Thanks for putting up with her!!! LOL:D ;) :p :p
I've spread so much love around that I can't do anymore until we get some new members! lol It keeps saying I need to "spread around more reputation before you can pass it too ***** again!" lmao
You know that the more reputation you have the more power you have to give to people. A vote from someone with lots of reputation will give you more reputation then a vote from a newbie for example.

Kinda cool. Administrators have also more reputation power.
Oh, I didn`t know that. Thanks for sharing that info, MarP.

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